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Blume Oat milk chai superfood latte

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warm cup of Chai, but make it decaf and hold the syrup. This blend of superfood spices is rich, bold, and oh-so-familiar, with a dreamy touch of oat. Sourced from co-operative organic farms in India, this blend works hot, cold, blended with coffee or in your smoothie. Turns out the perfect chai exists. And it's right here - you ready?

(30 servings)

Decaf Syrup-Free @ Gluten-Free & Vegan

© Organic


  • Black Decaf Tea Extract, *Oat Milk Powder,
  • Ginger Root Powder, *Cinnamon Powder,
  • Cardamom Powder, *Black Pepper Powder,
  • Ground Cloves, *Nutmeg Powder, *Fennel Powder, *Milk Thistle Powder.
  • Organic



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